How to Build Referrals into your Business

How to guide to building referrals in your business – the smartest way to quickly and efficiently win new clients

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Wednesday, 21st February

12.00pm - 1.00pm (AEDT)

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This Free Masterclass Will Show You:

Why Referrals are GOLD

Find out exactly WHY referral business is the simplest for you and the smartest way to build your business. This will make your life easier just knowing how and why it works.

Referral Conversations

A how to on the right words to use to talk about your referrals program to new and existing clients. Find out scripts and ideas about when you should talk about referrals to get the most out of your program and maximise this area of your business.

Build your Referral System

Getting into action! Discover the referral business building blocks you need and how to use them to get referrals happening in your business now

At the end of this Masterclass you will:

1. Know why and how to create a winning referral program in your business 2. Create the tools to help you build a working referral system 3. Learn the right words and ways to introduce this to new and existing clients.  

Hosted by Frances Pratt

Frances Pratt knows selling and I’ll tell you a little secret … she loves it! 

Selling has been part of her life for over 20 years and in every industry and size of businesses, she has had success. While she loves sales, she knows that for most people selling is probably not in their top 10 favourite pastimes. In fact many people go a step further and say they hate sales. Whatever your feelings about the process of selling, sales is the lifeblood of your business. If you are a small business owner then you have to be the sales champion. Her mission is to help people demystify “sales” and show them how to make selling part of what they do every day … so it really doesn’t seem like selling at all.