Taking someone's hand and walking them along your unique pathway, your 'Sacred Sales Journey' is when the magic happens.

I am sure there have been times where you have been on the receiving end of an awkward or icky sales experience and no doubt you have most likely had a sales conversation that left you feeling embarrassed and very uncomfortable.

Have you ever been so overcome with fear that the thought of even having a sales conversation has you break into a sweat?

I would like you (just for a minute) to shift your thinking about sales . . .

What if you thought of sales as a sacred transaction?

A sacred transaction which can only happen when someone walks with you through your unique 'Sacred Sales Journey'.

Take a deep breath.

How does that feel? 

Exciting … intriguing … 

But a shift in your thinking about sales, is often not enough.

Are you open for business, but no one is knocking at your door?

You know that in order to increase your revenue you need to have more sales conversations with more clients.

But unfortunately you feel like you don't have enough confidence to have these conversations.

It is my mission to teach the world to sell, in perfect harmony. I want you to have the confidence in yourself to stand up tall and shout from the mountain tops that what you are sharing with the world is worth listening to. I want you to have the confidence to sell from your heart not your head. I want you to have the confidence to take your prospects on a buying journey that is sacred and in alignment with you and your values.

And I want to help you reach this space . . .

Are you ready?

Yes, perfect!

Then I invite you to join me for a special 8 Day Challenge which will take you from feeling scared and overwhelmed to feeling confident about selling.

Introducing . . .  

Starting on Monday 15th January over two weeks I will take you on a journey to discover your sales confidence. Here is some of what you learn in this 8 Day Challenge.  

+ Reasons why you have fears around sales and the stories you have been telling yourself as to why you can't sell. 

+ Uncover the blocks that are holding you back. 

+ How to divorce yourself from the outcome. 

+ Discover the steps so you deliver the right outcomes for you and your client every time. 

+ You are enough. 

+ Practice is part of the process. 

+ Uncover your love for sales.